Friday, February 1, 2013

Annoying people and taxes

Today we got our taxes done. We have always had them done, especially since I have a mountain of student loan debt and we bought our house. So far, I'm glad that no obnoxious dickwad on facebook has given us shit about having them done professionally. Everyone has a fucking opinion on how EVERYTHING should be run. If I don't drink the right kind of beer, someone has something shitty to say about it. If I post too often, someone has something to say. If I merely comment that we changed our dog food, I get endless (unsolicited) advice on everything from what to feed a dog to the evils of those who don't spay and neuter.

Unless I ask for it, I never want your opinion. I imagine that everyone else has the same policy.

Today, we ran into someone we used to work with. I can't stand the guy. Call him Bob. I don't know anyone named Bob. But we unfortunately know this guy. He came in after us to the taxes place, with his (I was surprised*) wife. Bob worked with us both at Walmart. Then I worked with him at another job, but thankfully I only saw him a handful of times. He's a total douche. He's that terrible combination of super nerd, know-it-all, and mega religious. It's... annoying.

He was (is?) friends with my ex before Andy. They went to the same (Pentecostal) church together, and tried to talk my ex into dumping me immediately because I am Jewish. Bob said, and I quote, that I am "worse than someone that is 'lost' because [I] don't believe in Jesus." he wrote me off immediately because I wasn't the same religion as him. Of course that irritated me. And, remember, we all worked together (Me, Andy, Bob, and ex before Andy). At Walmart.

Over time, he just managed to piss me off over and over. He is unusually nosy and inserts himself into every conversation he walks past. Tonight was kind of no different. I haven't seen him in 2 years; Andy for probably closer to 4. First, Bob wanted to talk to us. He introduced us to his wife, which I guess was nice but he HAS to know I don't like him and I definitely don't care. Then he asked us a few times how we were and what we were up to (HOW DARE HE). Then "Call Me Maybe" came on the radio in the tax place and even though we hadn't spoken to him in a few minutes, I remarked to Andy that I had just gotten that fucking song out of my head. Bob inserts himself into the exchange and says: "It can't get stuck in my head, because I've never heard it before."

He's that type of guy.

So more than death and taxes are guaranteed in this life, especially if you have ever had co workers and you participate in social networking.

*I really thought he was gay, but that he would never come out because he is so crazy religious. Aside from that, assuming he is straight, I can't imagine what kind of woman could put up with his shit. She didn't look happy to be there, but doing taxes isn't exactly the most exhilarating thing ever.

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