Monday, March 1, 2010

Two good reasons a diabetic shouldn't wear heels all day.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

 I rest my case.

Heels and all

Right now, I should be writing my teaching journal, but I can't think about it right now. My head it too full of other things. That, and I lost my schedule from the last month (since it changed so much due to snow and illness) so I can't really recall much.

This morning I got up at 7. Nibbler was chewing on the paper Stackbucks bag of Tessica's clothes again. I sprayed him several times with the water bottle. I was really close to just throwing it at him. Out of spite, I didn't feed them when I got up. They still have food, don't you worry, but they are such drama queens that when one or more bowls is down below half capacity, they freak out.

Myself, I took a shower last night and shaved my legs and all, used deep conditioner in my hair, and went to sleep at 11 or so. I finished "The Pine Barrens" in one sitting more or less, and started on "Tracks." I'm trying to maintain normality. Therefore, I dressed for a Monday (heels and all), wrote the rent check out, signed our incoming checks, and left the house. I dropped the rent check off, no problems, but the bank wasn't open yet.

I decided to get to the office at 8 for one reason or another. Of course there were no parking spots. I 4-wheeled it into a snow-covered spot behind the church. The person next to me will probably be pissed, but it's not like I care.

At about 20-till, I walked to Wachovia (from Washington Hall), heels and all, down a snow-encrusted hill on the sidewalk. My heels, thankfully, seemed to have been a good idea this morning, as I was able to dig in to the grainy snow like ice picks. I of course, was too early, and the tellers just stared at me like I was a moron. I stood there, what elese could I do?, until I checked my ATM balance to see what time it was. 9 am on the dot. The jerks still hadn't opened the door. When they finally did, they acted like I was some vagabond off the streets asking for money, when in fact I was depositing a nefarious amount (664... so close!). I left, slightly miffed.

Again, my icepicks aided me greatly in climbing back up that hill in front of what was once Chancey's. Stopped at 7-11, I helped myself to a coffee and a bottle of water. Of course, their credit card machines went offline when they tried to run mine, thus messing up the morning for many othe rpatrons behind me. Again, like I cared. I had a fresh $20 bill ready for spending.

I want to have everything be normal. Instead, I am dealing with 2 impending divorces involving innocent children and 2 suicidals. In short, 6 people that I care about are suffering somehow, and I can't do a damn thing about it.

And I am worried about wearing the right kind of shoes today. Heels and all.