Monday, February 4, 2013


The bus rides today were crazy.

First, the bus driver left VERY early (they are supposed to stay at the stop I get on/off at until the hour turn) and I told Andy, who told the dispatcher who radioed the bus driver and told her she had to turn around and go back. She flipped her shit and just yelled and bitched about it, then drove like a maniac the rest of the way. I was very glad to get off the bus.

While I was waiting for the bus to depart this evening, the numpties were out in full force.

There is a certain way that we expect others to act in public. I get that everyone is their own person, and fuck society, and blah blah blah. But... come on. Have a little respect for the people around you.

Two older women (women in their 40's) (by older I mean older than me) were play fighting all over the bus. They kept knocking into me (and eventually stopped apologising, even though I never said "It's okay." I never say "It's okay" because it's not) and running all over the bus and kicking each other and throwing things. It was very annoying. Sure, have fun, I don't know their situation or anything, but really... Again, have some respect for your fellow bus riders.

This is not a new thing. Every evening, they do this shit. It's so tiring. And when they aren't trying to make merry with each other, they are interrogating the other passengers. I hope they recognize me from previous interrogations and remember that I'm not a talker.

There was that, and screaming children, which you can't really do much about.

I just wish people would leave me alone. I generally don't want to talk to anyone. Really ever. I've said it before, but having headphones in usually means that that person is otherwise occupied. I'm not doing anything important-- just listening to music-- but I like my space. I like my quiet time. 

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