Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Pancake day!

I think that's the proper greeting. It's probably acceptable in some circles to wish each other Happy Pancake Day.

Andy had a bad day at work and I figured he didn't want to go anywhere. In fact, at the suggestion that we go out to IHOP for free pancakes, he shrugged and kind of mumbled "nah." I was sad. FREE PANCAKES, DUDE.

So, as I am wont to do, I whined about it on Facebook. A former student said that she'd like to go, along with her roommate (another former student). Fun!  

I went to leave and either Andy had changed his mind or, according to him, he has never disinterested in going. Meh. Misunderstandings. So, I went to pick up the girls at their dorm and off we went! We ordered food and Student 1 was wondering how we were supposed to order the free pancakes. She suggested that we order our food then just mumble: "andfreepancakes" afterward. It was really funny to us, because we ordered like that. "Cheese eggs, bacon, andfreepancakes." "Two biscuits with bacon and cheese, andfreepancakes." It was really really funny to us. The server was a good sport. Andy high-fived him and kept referring to him as his name. I said that our server probably thought Andy was flirting with him.

Anyway, none of that is particularly remarkable. 

My students EAT SO WEIRD.

First, student 1, a self described sugar lover ("I LOVE SUGAR!"- Student 1) put little bits of flavoured syrup on her hash browns. First strawberry, then blueberry after Andy suggested it. According to her, she puts either jelly or syrup on everything. Okay.

Then I look over at Student 2, who has made a sampler platter of sorts out of the three flavours of syrup. I guess she wanted to try them all.
Student 1 was not wearing a fez. I obviously put it there to protect her ID

THEN I look over to see Student 1 PICKING UP AND TEARING APART her pancakes. WTF. Apparently this is a thing RU students do now. 


Also, Andy left a $10 tip for a $7 bill. I'm a good tipper, but I admit to being a little irritated.

I had a fun night. I hope it cheered Andy up a little.

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