Monday, January 28, 2013


I have no idea what to do with myself in the mornings. Or the afternoon. Or really the evening. I'm trying to wake up between 6-8 am every morning so I can get used to having to be up at 6 on TR. I keep looking at the clock thinking it's going to be much later than it actually is.

I made an egg and some tea. That took no time. I cleaned up the couch. 2 minutes. I scrolled through tumblr and listened to music. I thought I'd been at it at least half an hour. Try closer to 15.

I know lots of people would love to have nothing to do, but I don't thrive under these conditions. I NEED something to do. But my brain stops me from doing much of anything:

I could do laundry. But then I would probably forget about it or run out of time and it would sit in the washing machine for forever and get disgusting.

There aren't enough dishes to fill the dishwasher. I could do it by hand, but then I probably wouldn't have enough hot water for a shower.

I could shower but then I'd just be bored with wet hair for a while.

There is any number of things I COULD do, but most involve me paying enough attention to the task to where I'm not paying attention to the time. Yes, I could set an alarm but that stresses me out. All I am doing then is waiting for the alarm. Running down the clock. This is stressing me out thinking about it all. Shit.

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