Monday, September 7, 2009

Freakin' rain

After a weekend of doing next to nothing, I needed to get back on the horse. I forced myself to go to bed at midnight and got up after only hitting the snooze button once. The cats wouldn't let me rest, they were hungry apparently. I did manage to work out for 15 minutes or so, though.

Andy drove me to and from work as it's still pretty humid out and the rain has been unpredictable. I farted around a little, made dinner way too late (Andy decided that playing WoW was a better use of his time than cooking dinner like he said he would) and thus ended up going walking way too late. I just now got home after a grievously abbreviated walk because the rain was starting up and it was really dark. In addition to this, my tea time beverage hit me at the point of no return, that spot where it is equally far to walk home each way, making it quite uncomfortable to walk fast.

I will probably call it a night here. Frank came by the 2 pm class to observe and kept saying how he wouldn't have changed anything; I hope he means it. I guess it wouldn't be in his best interest to lie...

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