Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thank you for working

I'm pretty tired. Yesterday, as I mentioned, was unusually productive. Today was a different story.

I woke up at 7 am, then went back to sleep at 9 or so, slept until 2:30. I think I fell asleep at 1 or so last night. Today, I am struggling.

Not a whole lot got done. I wanted to lay out in the sun and hopefully dry up some of my sucking eczema wounds, but it was overcast all day. After it finally rained, Amelia and I went outside to play fetch. She had been whining all night even after being taken out, and I couldn't figure out why. Turns out she needed to pee (as dogs tend to do...). I asked Andy to join us:

She is still kind of... special... when it comes to playing fetch. She would much rather chew on the ball until she has consumed more than half of it and I finally notice that she's going to be pooping rubber soon. She will bring it back eventually, but you have to really whistle like hell at her. As the video indicates, Ein was outside with us but he chose not to participate. Amy tends to beat up on Ein, so he stays well clear of her.

Of course Amy ended up losing the damn ball.

I ventured over to the crabapple tree, whose fruit are turning a glorious crimson, to sample the crop. At this point, they actually taste kind of good. A little starchy, but good for a tiny, slightly sweet snack.

The grapes are also starting to turn colours. The green is giving way to purple, but they are a little hard to get to right now because of the weeds and such. I was out there barefoot, so I'll probably end up with hookworm or something.

Two more tomatoes were ready to slip off the vine today. I think another watermelon is starting to succumb to rot of some sort. Sigh. I know this is my first year with a proper garden, but I can't help but be disappointed in my crop.

I peeled Andy's turnips for his eventual lunch time snacks. That was a lot more tedious than I had imagined. I don't much care for turnips. I'm rambling.

I got a round-robin moleskine from the Pen Fetish Crafters group on ravelry today. Despite filling up a while page, I wrote basically nothing. That might be a good summary of my life. My pen isn't drying as quickly as I thought it would, so I can't go to the next page yet. 

That's really been my day. Tomorrow, I start cleaning Steven's house and I will be boarding his dogs this weekend too. Frank, the aggressive corgi, is a bit of a worry. Herma on the other hand isn't so much. She's a fun dog.

I'm rambling more. My sentences are getting short and my eyes are starting to blur. I had all this stuff to say an hour ago, but blogspot was down, so I couldn't write. I'm not a fan of copying and pasting. Urgh. 

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