Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's not just me.

Right now, I've got Pandora coming from my phone, as opposed to my computer. Bijou keeps trying to shove her kitten nose all up in the speaker like she's going to find Ben Gibbard in there or something. She probably won't.

I didn't fall asleep last night until... okay this morning until 5 am. I slept until 11, which is kind of a miracle. Even more surprising, I've gotten some things done.

My first big watermelon split, so I had to pick it. :(

Is there something I can really even do about this? One watermelon succumbed to blossom rot, which I am now actively combating on each new fruit that comes up. But I've never really thought about the bastards splitting out there on their own. Was it heat? I think it might have been. I wiggled my other watermelons around a little (there's 4-5 out there now, getting to be bigger than softballs) in hopes that they wouldn't meet the same fate. In any case, this baby was chopped up and put in the fridge.

Sigh. My poor tomatoes.

I really wouldn't pick them until they were big and completely ripe and all, but the fuckers keep falling off the plants. No, I don't have cages or picks or anything. I'm a poor garden planner. The red ones were blanched to remove the skins, seeded, then chopped and put in the freezer so that when the time comes, I can make tomato sauce. We shall see.

My greens aren't as green as they should be.

Let's skip the leftmost thing right now. The green tomatoes are in a bag with a ripening banana in hopes that they can be salvaged and turned into decent sauce as well. Let me tell you about those cucumbers. They are about 4" in diameter and 6" long. However, the weeds have taken over the garden so much that they didn't really get a whole lot of green-making sun. :( I picked them in fear they would go to waste.

Let's talk about this.

That motherfucker was a cantaloupe. A CANTALOUPE. Yes, I planted cantaloupes, but none of them sprouted. I swear to you, this bastard, it's friend from a month ago, and another one that is still out there, were/are all growing on a cucumber vine. I SWEAR. Anyway, curiosity was getting the best of me, so I severed him from his mates and sliced him in half. Viola. I didn't really get much in the way of flesh from this nor the watermelon, because I'm impatient and in hindsight, the mutant cantaloupe should have been left on the vine until it turned tan. Of course I saved the seeds.

This might make Andy angry.

I was tired of looking at those goddamn turnips. You can't see it well here, but for the most part the tops were turning brown and dying off. They weren't going to grow any more than they already had. I sat outside on the phone with my sister, enjoying the satisfying feeling of ripping these little bastards out of the ground. The biggest one this year probably only got up to 2" in diameter. Sad. Most didn't grow past wimpy little roots, but Andy has been consuming them with good humor. For the record, I don't care for turnips.

My sister hasn't been feeling too well, either. I talked to he on the phone for about half an hour and tried to cheer her up. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. But it was nice to talk about just really nothing at all, without feeling like one of us needed to say something to the other, like I was calling her out of obligation or something. We didn't get along well when we were kids: two of the three fist fights I've been in in my life were with her. Two years apart, we were incredibly different. Funny how time changes things, right?

At any rate, I'm trying to focus more on the things and people around me. True, I goddamn near had a heat stroke outside weeding my garden (long sleeved shirt, not much water, overcast, wasn't thinking... at all) but now that I am back inside, my vegetation is all chopped, peeled, seeded, etc... I'm relaxing a little more. I used to be a compulsive planner. Not so much anymore. I think I need to reach another equilibrium point in which I can plan things but be flexible at the same time.

And laundry needs to get done. I shall do that.

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