Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thin Skin: Day 2

My ankle is getting much better. I've been sleeping with a bandage and neosporin on every night and this morning it's gotten considerably smaller and less threatening-looking.

There is, however, a new spot of concer: the top of my foot. I am trying like hell not to itch it, but if I'm not really paying attention, it'll be a big scab soon.

My head itches as well. I'm not sure now if I am having a weird reaction to my own sweat or something, but there is definitely a link between moving into a house without A/C and this sudden onset of bumps and itchiness. All I know is my body is angry.

I haven't done any lotion or anything today, as I slept from 7 am-12 pm, then did something that, concerningly, I cannot remember, then helped Andy get ready for his interview.

He has been working at Wal-Mart since August 2005. Before then, he only had ever worked at McDonald's for a year or so. Bless him, he'd not been to an interview for 6 years. It should go without saying that I sincerely hope he gets this job. Our income would double and we would have full benefits. Not to mention, he wouldn't be in the customer service industry anymore (the job is working on the vehicles for Radford Transit), and the man who interviewed him indicated that they would work on no more than 10 vehicles a day.

Fingers crossed. I can handle my own issues. My energy is best spent on helping Andy get a new job.


  1. Fwiw, what could be the culprit causing the skin and scalp irritation could be a combination of perspiration PLUS airborne stuff like pollen and yeasts. My endocrinologist (of all peeps!) told me to shampoo regularly (every other day) and do the ol' "lather, rinse, repeat" but when you lather up second time, let it sit on your hair and scalp while you continue showering up. It helps kill off the yeasts and other irritants. Re: secondary perspiration issues (i.e. rashes under boobs or under the adipose apron--if you have one), I have found for under the boobs, after showering and drying off completely, spritzing the under boob area w/aerosol antiperspirant helps; and for the under the adipose apron, wash, dry completely and then put a layer of DESITIN diaper rash cream, to help with the chafing. IMHO, when it gets THIS HOT and I sweat like a lumberjack, there's a fine line between scratching enough to satisfy an itch and scratching to the point of pain and blood. Scratching: "Hmmm.... ahhh... feels gooooooood.... oh shit. Ow!"

  2. I've started doing this at night, thank you! I use the clinical strength secret or whatever under my arms and boobs now (it says to put it on at bedtime) then I use some sensitive skin shit during the day in both places as well. I am really seeing a difference now, especially under my breasts. Sweaty boobs are the worst.