Saturday, June 27, 2009

So much time, so little to say....

Well, visiting my mum's last weekend was crappy. I stayed too long, I upset my mother, I intruded (apparently) by cleaning up her house for her.

This weekend isn't shaping up to be much better. I got my last check today, reminding me its been almost 3 years since my dad died. I slept in until 12 because I didn't fall asleep until 6 or so, and basically laid around and read until 3 when Scrubs went off. I went to look for my gauges because I want my top ear holes to stop growing over, but I must have tossed them out. I'm going to try and leave earrings in at all times now, because it's kind of painful to have to re-poke holes in my ears every time I want to wear earrings. I've had these bastards for almost 10 years. Jesus. That's scary to think about. 10 years in August. Lots of milestones are coming up this August. I turn 25, my top earring holes turn 10, it will have been 3 years since my dad dies, my last year of Grad school will start, I will be penniless until I get paid by the university... Goddamn.

Anyway I need to repot a bunch of my plants, and I am currently amping myself to do so. One plant grows about an inch a day, no joke. That fucker keeps on going. I also planted my cantaloupe seeds last night, so we'll see how they do...

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