Thursday, May 28, 2009

YMCA lies, goodwill kind of sucks, and my philanthropy is a little misguided...

So, Andy and I made the executive decision to clean out the junk room. There is a good reason for the name... After we found out that my 2 year old 19-inch TV didn't stay on anymore, and that Andy's old CD player is a piece of junk, we agreed that giving them to Goodwill would be our best option. Hell, if they can't sell them, I feel sure they know where to recycle them.

While out, we found this fantastic record player cabinet at the YMCA thrift shop, and the sticker on it proudly proclaimed, "WORKS!" It didn't. The needle head was missing, and since it was rather old, we saw no reason to waste our efforts on finding a replacement. Plus it was heavy as hell.

So, we schlepped around BBurg a little, found nothing there, then went to CBurg, bought some random crap at a different Goodwill store, and decided on a nice iPod/stereo system for the junk room. Oh, and we bought a new flat screen for the junk room too. I figured out that the cat pee smell was not, as I had originally thought, on the carpet. Rather, it was from a pile of clothes my cats had made into a bathroom. I tossed them out.

Now the Junk room looks less junky. We're going to move the Wii and Wii accessories in there, to get them out of the living room, all of the cat jungle stuff is in there, and I moved the chairs back a bit, so there is more room for Wii fit and Rock Band. I am pretty excited and upbeat about the cleaning going on in my home.

I knit a few more repeats of the scarf while doing laundry today. I was very proud of myself because although Andy was with me, I didn't ask him to do anything. He almost always does the laundry, as I am kind of lazy about it. Now that I am not in school, it seems I have more time to just be productive. Let's hope I can keep it up all summer....

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