Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pintesting: Detox bath

I don't trust other pintesters to tell me what works and what doesn't because I think we all react differently (to the body/beauty pins) and perform differently (to other pins). Thus, I took it upon myself to test a pin that has been going around since I joined, the Detox Bath.

Yes, I took down the ghastly wallpaper.

I added a pint of hydrogen peroxide (it was what I had) and a ton of ginger. I also threw in some epsom salt. I didn't imagine it would make a difference.

I didn't experience any of the reactions that commenters and other pinners describe. I didn't sweat, I didn't smell anything, and I didn't feel particularly purged or parched. I did bring cold water with me, just in case, but it felt no different from any other bath. Now, as I sit in Andy's chair, my rear feels a little warmer than usual, but I could be imagining things.

A couple of things could have gone wrong: I didn't use enough hydrogen peroxide; I didn't use enough ginger and it's way out of date; the heating in my bathroom is terrible; there is a window right above the bath; my whole body wasn't immersed in the water because I don't fit that way. I think it might be worth another shot in milder weather with the proper proportions of ingredients present.

I slathered myself in coconut oil afterward, because, why the hell not?

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