Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free Pattern: MacBook Cosy

I finally caved and got a Macbook. However, I have found that typing on it is almost unbearable; it is scratchy and sharp and just plain old uncomfortable.

Since I'm such a genius, I whipped up a pattern for a "cosy" to keep your wrists happy!

Needles: 2 US 2 dpns
Notions: Small button, scrap yarn
Yarn: approx. 100 yds of fingering/sock weight yarn

CO 10 sts
Work in st st for half and inch (6 rows)
Work first 3 sts of next row, BO next st (4 sts worked)
Place remaining 5 sts on scrap yarn
Continue in st st with 4 working sts for 4 in, break yarn
Pick up 5 sts from scrap yarn, rejoin yarn on outside edge
Next row: k3, k2 tog (4 sts)
Continue in st st for 4 inches
Rejoin pieces.
On the first row, k3, k2fb, k3 (10 sts)
Continue in st st for 2 in, ending with a p row
Turning the corner: k across row, with empty needle and without using working yarn, pick up 15 sts on inside row. continue to knit across row (25 sts)
Next 2 rows:
    row 1: k 15, p1, k9
    row 2: p9, k1, p15
Repeat these two rows for  2  inches, making a nice curve and crease for the bothersome edge of the notebook.
Here, begin to decrease on k rows on inside edge of the piece by k2, k2tog, continue with pattern as set (maintaining the area for the crease) until you are down to 19 sts, ending with a rs row.
Begin to dec as follows: ws row, work as est to last 4 sts, p2tog, p2; rs row, k2, k2tog, work row as est until you have 13 sts remaining.
Resume st st for  3.5 inches, end on RS row.
Next section: P9, k1, p1fb, p2
    k2, kfb, k1, p1, k9
    p9, k1, p2, p1fb, p2
    k2, k1fb, k3, p1, k9
    p9, k1, p3, p1fb, p2
    k2, k1fb, k5, p1, k9
    19 sts
Next section:
    p9, k1, p to end
    k2, k1fb, k6, p1, k9
Continue in this fashion (inc on 3rd st on rs ) until you have 25 sts.
Continue in st st for 2 inches ending with ws row.
Split the piece for ports as before: k3, k2tog, place remaining 5 sts on scrap yarn. Work live sts in st st for 4.5 inches.
Pick up 5 sts from scrap yarn, rejoin yarn on outside edge, k3, k2tog, work in st st for 4.5 inches.
When both "sides" of the port hole are the same length, rejoin sts as before, making 2 sts in the middle to add up to 10 sts.
St st for .5 inch.
Split sts again by placing 5 sts on scrap yarn.
At this point, you will make an i-cord to stretch across the bottom of the monitor for a snug and secure fit.
With the sts still on the needle, k2tog twice, k last st, begin i-cord. Stop when cord is 10.5 in. Place live sts on scrap yarn, break working yarn to pick up next i-cord. Repeat process for previously held sts.
Rejoin the 6 sts together on one needle, bind off.

On the very first edge worked, place a small button at the very edge, then place the "loop" of the double i-cords (one on each side of the monitor) around said button. Weave in ends. Block. Weep with joy.

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